In another life, Roy Tamboli would be an astrophysicist or a mystic. In this life he is exploring new ways of seeing, creating paintings that combine multi-state consciousness with ordinary reality. “I use sculpture materials with painting techniques to make works that question ordinary beliefs about visual perception. To successfully navigate everyday life our mind constructs a simplified, comprehensible reality that may not be entirely real.” Tamboli intertwines the natural world with the abstract, demonstrating the existence of deeper, multi-level reality.

A descendent of Italian immigrants who settled in the Mississippi Delta, Tamboli engaged with spirituality and mysticism at a young age through the Catholic Church and African American gospel culture that surrounded him. Embedded with personal stories, his paintings exude a reaction to the paradox of living in one of the most deeply spiritual, and yet violent cities, in America. Tamboli often begin paintings in remote parts of the world and returns them to Memphis for completion. He fuses different locations into a single work as part of the multi-state theme while visualizing boundless and dynamic possibilities of combining locations. Creating a universe of abundance, from source energy to the upper waters, Tamboli says “These are the real and imaginary places that I escape into, realms of timeless, ceaseless movement and the pure energy of the visible and invisible world. Inside this work is where I choose to live and help bring divine intervention into the physical world.”

Tamboli has spent several decades studying tribal, religious and contemporary art and culture in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe. To increase the possibilities for unique, original expression much of Tamboli’s time is spent in these distant corners of the world as well as his home base of Memphis, Tennessee. Also known for his large-scale bronze and steel sculpture, Tamboli is currently focusing on large paintings.