These paintings are a visual celebration and emotional reaction to our increasingly complex world and the religiously fertile, excessively violent city I live in. Much like the densely forested and vast open delta environment I am from, these highly charged, bountiful works encourage transcendence from popular themes. They open a new seam into a reality unique unto itself. Very personal, and sometimes dark, enigmatic stories are embedded throughout the intricate compositions. In the desire to find refuge in what mystics call the upper realms or higher waters, these meticulously detailed works calibrate an imaginary universe far beyond predictable space and time. Consequently, these paintings are very labor intensive. In the hours I am engaged with them I’m after that timeless universal connection with boundless eternal light. This makes the process itself a strong motivation to engage in the paintings. There’s a thoughtful, deliberate order woven into the work, boldly proclaiming vibrant, energetic and optimistic possibilities often overlooked by trending politics. In the search for what is beyond human powers I am guided by a reliance and trust in what I don’t really understand yet trust unconditionally. Like live oak roots overturning sidewalks or determined troops of kudzu re-forming tired architecture, this work offers an alternative force to everything around me. And with this work I believe the best opportunities for positive evolution are found by focusing on what is beyond everyday and predictable.