“Madrugada” explores three-dimensional realms while blurring the boundary between figurative and abstract bronze sculpture.  

Using ideas from my notebooks, thoughts on scraps of paper and wire covered with thick fluid resins and plaster, I build stories suggesting cosmological landscapes, mythical creatures, and heavily textured, expressive renditions of the people, places, experiences and feelings of my life.  I paint in space with palette knives, hand files, axes, air pressure and pneumatic grinders, often working on sculptures upside down and sideways to collaborate with gravity. At times works are broken and reconstructed to achieve fresh compositions. Recurring actors appear as lovers, renegade angels and explosive gods who come in and out of mountains, clouds, caves, fires and waterfalls. In this very private world there is no distinction between reality, land, sky or being. Far beyond the constraints of balance, logic and perspective the rulers are emotion, turmoil, humility, peace and violence. My work lives in a hyper energetic, metaphysical world that reflects the chaos and wonder of our time.