Holes In Time

Galeria Enrico Bucci is pleased to announce the opening of “Holes in Time” by North American artist Roy Tamboli. Mr. Tamboli has made several trips to Chile in the past few years and has created series of photographs examining the process of development and modernization in Tierra del Fuego. Tamboli uses the island as a microcosmic example of how landscape, lifestyle and priorities change over brief periods of time. In particular he is interested in the effects of development on the indigenous people. He comments that, “What has happened in Tierra del Fuego is very similar to what happened in the United States. The process of domination, encroachment, cultural and economic imperialism along with radical religious fanaticism are still alive and well. The development process itself is not the problem, it’s the cold disregard for those affected and that we care so little about what we put on and in the land. Everything we make and do to the earth and to each other, we are making and doing to ourselves.”

Tamboli has created fascinating images to express these ideas, using old photographs mixed with contemporary images. Various patterns reminiscent of native weavings were made by sewing together negatives and transparencies together with needle and thread. These are subsequently printed in large formats.

The exhibition will begin with an opening reception August 5, 1993, from 5 to 7:30 and continue through September 4. The artist will be present. A 24 page catalog accompanies the exhibition.

For more information please call Enrico Bucci Gallery at 56-2-6395103.

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