We are witness to an explosion
call it life, call it god
but it's throwing around trucks and computers
granite buildings and torn shoes
it's bending trees and eating parrot fish
it's machine guns and tigers
it's casting about belly laughs, red hot lava, planets and Mikes
its big tornadoes and little hidden lepers drinking coffee
I hear screams and I smell love
and I feel the dirt on my money
but it's all just passing through
pipes to nowhere wires to nothing
like the Buddha said everything is burning
then he went away
so tell me about faith and hope
say words like afterlife
good and bad
and sing other songs of fantasy
show me a letter from heaven or hell
and I'll show you an ant string across the sidewalk
to prove there is a forever
lie next to me
and I will pat your hair
as we rocket through time
in the love and the tears of the human shift
and I will help you mother with father
and I will hold you son and daughter
and I will listen to you brother and sister
while the powder in our fuses smoke
and when we step out of it
if we look
maybe we will see
the speed it is really going