Ancient Satellite Fragments

The Ancient Satellite Fragments are charred remnants of technical objects created by an advanced civilization that has inhabited a nearby solar system for thousands of years. These fragments often have images on them relating to places on earth where they are found. The imagery and materials indicate a highly developed civilization closely resembling our own. The timeless content of the objects usually relates to changing regional and international social and political realities such as economic imperialism, healing, class and religious conflict, consumerism, over-population, land use, and world harmony. And some appear to be complete folly.

These discoveries began in 1989, when the Mississippi River reached an all time low, revealing "Satellite with Star Map" on engineers beach near West Memphis, Arkansas. This fragment, still being examined and tested, contains a detailed map of the universe, two galaxies, two solar systems, and details of planet locations. One galaxy is the Milky Way and the other is now commonly referred to as  "The Other Way.